Worn Items

These products function on a first come first serve basis, so please be aware that there may be times where it may take several weeks to get you your worn item(s). Specific items may be available in my shop so please check there first before contacting me about custom worn items.

Products available:                                            Initial price:

       Pantyhose                                                          $50USD

       Panties                                                                $40USD

       Socks                                                                $35USD(pair)


Please click HERE to see my current availability of worn items.

  • All of these prices include wear for up to 3(three) days and shipping and handling for inside the United States. 

  • If desired, items can be worn for up to one week(7 days) at an additional charge of $10USD/per day after the first 3 days.

  • Since these products are first come first serve, I have no way to guarantee that a certain product will be available at any given moment, so please contact me to see my availability of products. 

  • An additional charge of $15USD will be required for any international purchases for shipping and handling(includes only Canada, UK, Mexico, Scandinavia, and Europe).

  • Other worn items may be available for purchase outside of pantyhose, panties and socks; please contact me for information on availability and if it is an item I currently offer.

***Please understand that although I will try my best to not let these items get ruined, I cannot guarantee that they will be without stains, rips, runs, etc.***

***Due to high demand and my own personal bodily limitations, I will be able to masturbate in pantyhose and panties ONE(1) time during the three days I wear them. If you would like more, I will need to charge an extra fee of $15USD for up to three(3) extra masturbation sessions in them. Please understand that this is nothing personal, my body just cannot handle masturbating as often as I am selling worn items.***


When placing an order, please first browse my listings and once you have found a worn item you would like, notify me of the file name and give a brief description of the item so I can correctly identify it. 

If I don't have an item you like, feel free to contact me and ask if it's possible to get that item! 

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