Custom Content


I offer a wide assortment of custom content, with my most popular being custom bondage videos! Feet and pantyhose are a close second, although many videos have a combination of fetishes involved! 

I take on customs on a case by case basis and reserve the right to deny any custom content I am not comfortable doing. Concepts I will immediately turn down are those that include:

        -nudity(including sheer clothing/wearing pantyhose without panties)

        -sexual content(masturbation, fingering, groping, sex acts, etc.)

        -pissing and scat

        -wraparound tape gags and tape blindfolds

        -intense foot worship

        -using the words 'cunt' or 'nigger'

        -jerk-off instructions

Custom picture sets will typically range from $30-50USD but may fall outside this range if the amount of pictures wanted is above my normal requests. You can expect that each set will cost roughly $2 a photo. A minimum of 10 images is required, otherwise the $2/photo rule does not apply.

Custom videos will typically range from $70-150USD but may fall outside this range if the video involves strict bondage or involvement from another person who I will need to pay for their time.

You can expect that for each minute of video, the custom will typically cost $10USD/minute, so a 10 minute video will cost around $100USD, but this may vary depending on the specific request. A minimum of 5 minutes is required, otherwise the $10/minute rule does not apply.

All content I produce will be resold on my website. If this is not something you are comfortable with, please notify me as soon as possible and we can work out a compromise. 

Please contact me if you have commission ideas or would like a rough estimate of what your custom would potentially cost. 

Please understand that I am a starving college student, so just 'giving you the content for free' is not an option. I work hard to produce the content I make and I know how much I'm worth so if these prices are too high for your blood, please find yourself another model to make your content. :)

I also ask that you be patient with me, as I do not do this full time and I often have to make time in my busy schedule to record. Wait times may range from 2-6 weeks for custom content, depending on how busy my vanilla life is at the time. Please be respectful of that.

I reserve the right to deny any commission if I feel that the person who is asking me to create their content is being too pushy, demanding, or impatient. 


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